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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. 성적이거나 폭력적인 미디어는 게시할 때 민감한 것으로 표시해야 합니다 Sexually explicit or violent media must be marked as sensitive when posting
  2. 타인을 존중하세요 Respect others
  3. 불법 행위는 허가되지 않습니다: 저작권 침해, 불법 음란물 등이 포함되며 이에 국한되지 않습니다 Illegalness is not permitted: copyright infringement, illegal pornography, etc. are included and not limited to this
  4. 인종차별, 성차별, 그리고 트랜스포비아는 금지됩니다 Racism, gender discrimination, and transphobia are prohibited
  5. 스팸은 허가되지 않습니다 Spam is not permitted

Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Filtered media

Media files from these servers will not be processed or stored, and no thumbnails will be displayed, requiring manual click-through to the original file:

Server Reason
respublicae.eu 스팸은 허가되지 않습니다 Spam is not permitted

Limited servers

Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users interactions, unless you are following them:

Server Reason
respublicae.eu 스팸은 허가되지 않습니다 Spam is not permitted